We are committed to maintaining environmental standards and consistently applying its related procedures in all our operations to mitigate any potential effects of climate change. Our responsibility as a renewable energy company is to ensure that we are doing everything possible to mitigate our carbon footprint and facilitate the transition to clean energy.

Our Commitment

Climate Change Strategy

Factor the effects of climate change into our business decisions and operational plans.


Emissions Reduction

Assess and reduce our carbon footprint as well as measure the emissions compensated or avoided by our renewable energy generation.


Water Management

Minimize our consumption of water as a non-renewable resource and ensure water quality is not negatively affected by our operations.



Contribute to the protection of biodiversity by proactively applying a prevention-focused management and oportunately mitigation measures, working with stakeholders to identify, avoid, mitigate, minimize or compensate impacts.


Waste Management

Implement the effective and necessary measures and procedures to carry out the storage, treatment, and final disposal for the generated waste in the Company’s operations.