We give strategic importance to people. As a result, we have created a culture of health, safety, respect for diversity, and inclusion. Investing in human talent is in our DNA, and it allows us to attract and retain the best and most talented people.

Great Place to Work Certified

A “great place” to work is not a place, it’s all about the people that build on one another to make it happen. At Polaris, we are very proud to have achieved certification as a Best Place to Work. This time, as a collective group across all of our jurisdictions. For us, this certification is important since it helps us measure our leadership and, in turn, helps us listen to our most valuable asset, our people.

Our Commitment

Occupational Health & Safety

Provide a safe and healthy workplace and continually strengthen physical and mental health culture ensuring employees return home in the same or better conditions as they arrived to work.

Talent Engagement & Empowerment

Hire, retain, manage, engage, and empower staff to ensure they grow in their personal and professional life.

Diversity & Inclusion

Foster equal opportunity and fair treatment at every interaction with the people we work with and/or engage, ensuring diversity and inclusion in our business processes.