Our people strategy – Grow with us!

At Polaris, we give strategic importance to our people. As a result, we have created a culture of health, safety, respect for diversity, and inclusion. This has allowed us sustained recognition as a “Great Place to Work” in Nicaragua, while we work on alignment at all our other locations.

Our corporate values – Shine with us!

The acronym of our values is I-STAR* representative of our namesake but also in recognition that we shine brightly when our values take precedence and are fundamental pillars in all we do.



All change begins with oneself, it begins internally, therefore, our first corporate value is Integrity. Integrity has to do with the way we act and behave in society. As a company, we adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and our actions are open and transparent with our environment. For us, the “I” of integrity is the “I” in English and the “Yo” in Spanish.


In recent years, issues related to the environment, social issues and institutional governance (ESG) have taken on a very important influence in the business world, and we, as a Renewable Energy company, have taken it as part of our corporate identity (Business Ethos). Therefore, we knew that Sustainability had to be the second corporate value. We are aware that part of our purpose, apart from being a financially sound company, is to leave a positive mark on the world for generations to come.


We are aware that our business is a fundamental part of the Energy transition, which is why we consider the value of Transformation to be another of our corporate values. Everything we do, we do with purpose, transforming our environment in a sustainable way for income generation.


Our growth in Latin America with the different renewable generation projects leads us to adopt the value of Adaptability. We have presence in different jurisdictions in Latin America with different technologies to generate Energy. Adaptability is crucial for our company. Knowing how to operate properly and adapt to the changes that the world presents gives us a competitive advantage.


As an organization, we recognize and value the dignity of each being, and for that reason we have adopted the value of Respect. For us it is essential that all those who work and do business with us feel that they are being respected in every process and interaction they have with us.

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