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Through its subsidiary Generación Andina SAC, the Company owns 8 de Agosto, a Run of River hydroelectric operation located in the town of Aucantagua, in the District of Monzon in the Department of Huanuco.

8 de Agosto has been operating since December 2019. The substation is located at a short distance from the powerhouse and receives the interconnection lines from 8 de Agosto and the outgoing 138 kV transmission lines to the Tingo Maria substation.

The Company installed a 630KW Battery Energy Storage System ("BESS"), at 8 de Agosto. The BESS system is commonly used in power grids and consists of a set of batteries that store electrical energy that can then be drawn when needed to meet specific demands such as a primary frequency regulation. 

Power Plants

Installed Capacity

Capacity Factor


Transmission Line

Development Stage



8 de Agosto

20 MW

65% to 78%

˜115 to 135 GWhr / year

67 KM / 60 KV

20 years– U$53.90/Mwhr – Plus Inflation

December 2019

˜50,000 Tons / year

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